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    Cannabis Career: Job Stability and Market Growth Paves Way for Certified Budtenders

    Despite the pandemic, the demand for cannabis continues to climb year-over-year and more markets are expected to open or expand business in the coming year. Many industries experienced massive drops in sales during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic—including local restaurants and bars, movie theaters, and airlines. But that was not the case for […] More

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    SA’s 1st Cannabis Flower Exports to Germany – Cannabiz Africa

      North-West based cannabis company FarmaGrowers has done a deal to get its dried flower products into German pharmacies.  This has been confirmed by European medical giant Cantourage, which says the 128 000 registered medical cannabis patients will have access to South African dried flower for the first time. Cantourage, which recently did a similar […] More

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    Key considerations when buying a cannabis business

      The U.S. cannabis industry’s predicted growth trajectory is extraordinary. New Frontier Data predicts that annual legal sales across the U.S. medical and recreational markets will increase to nearly $43 billion by just 2025 — an extraordinary leap from the projected almost $25 million in 2021. As you’d expect, this projected growth has piqued the […] More

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    Put Alcohol and Cannabis in the Same Legal Basket

    cannabis and alcohol

      Reality and politics are like strangers suspicious of each other on a dark street.  Dr Keith Scott tried to introduce these two strangers to each other. The chairman of the South African Drug Policy Initiative, (SADPI) gave MP’s a lesson in reality and drugs.     Dr Scott:  which is more harmful? Alcohol or cannabis? […] More

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    The Definition of Cannabis Has Become So Complex! – Cannabiz Africa

      So what is cannabis?  Don’t ask the government as it doesn’t have a clue – but will give you a million words! This question has been an interesting thread in the underlying parliamentary discussions on the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill and for legal purposes is obviously important.   Definitions so complicated has to […] More

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    The Perfect Pairing: California’s Wine and Cannabis Industries Collide

    For any plant enthusiast, it’s a particularly romantic truth that the United States’ historic home of Cannabis cultivation also happens to be coterminous with its dominant wine-producing region. For fans of intoxicating substances, it’s downright exciting, not to mention convenient. And, for history and geography buffs, the fact that American weed and wine country not […] More

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    Granny Flips Off Police in Mugshot After Cannabis Farm Bust | High Times

      When law enforcement officers searched an elderly woman’s house and farm last Monday in Jackson County, Tennessee, they got more than they bargained for. Peggy Brewington told officers that there was “maybe an ounce” of pot on her farm before officers searched the premises and found dozens of cannabis plants and 20 pounds of […] More

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    Ricky Stone: Mr President, Stop Cannabis Arrests Now! | Cannabiz Africa

    Stop Cannabis Arrests Now

      Stone: “Stop Cannabis Arrests Now” Eastern Cape cannabis activist and lawyer Ricky Stone has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to immediately halt cannabis arrests. Stone told parliamentarians on 2 September 2021 that the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill should be dumped as it was unconstitutional and discriminated against indigenous knowledge systems. “Our recommendation, and […] More

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    Prince and CDCSA on Proposed Cannabis Bill | Cannabiz Africa

    Gareth Prince on the Proposed Cannabis Bill

      South African cannabis activist Gareth Prince says the proposed Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill should be torn up and the legal architects should return to the proverbial drawing board. Prince presented the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa’s (CDCSA) submission on the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill on 31 August 2021 to Parliaments’ Justice […] More

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    Cannabis in Parliament: Cosatu Calls on Government – South Africa

    Cannabis in Parliament

      Labour federation Cosatu says it is concerned that government departments are not working together to develop a sustainable cannabis industry. In a submission to the the Justice and Correctional Services Portfolio Committee on 31 August 2021, Cosatu spokesman Tony Ehrenreich said cannabis should be decriminalized in order to boost the economy and remove the […] More

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    Cherokee Group Officially Legalizes Cannabis

    Original Source: Cherokee native people just made history, as the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has legalized cannabis.  For the first time in North Carolina history, medical marijuana is legal. It’s legal in Cherokee land, to be exact. Cultivating, selling and consuming medical marijuana has been approved by The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  […] More

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    Ramaphosa to Act on SA Cannabis Reform | Cannabiz Africa

    SA Cannabis Reform

    Original Source: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has instructed his staff to engage with the cannabis stakeholders to address their concerns about the bottlenecks in the fledgling legal marijuana economy. But, he’s concerned that the industry is too fragmented to speak with one voice and that government is faced with too many competing interests. […] More

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