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Cannabis and University Research: Health Benefits of Cannabis



Anything that is consumed in excess will result in risks, and this also applies to cannabis and its related products. However, there are many university researches claiming that the various benefits of cannabis will outweigh the said risks.

We will look into the many illnesses that medical marijuana/cannabis can treat, as well as the accompanying risks that come along with it.

Various Research – What They Say

History reveals that the use of marijuana or cannabis by humans as a form of treatment has started at least 3,000 years ago, as per the National Institute of Health.

At present, various governments around the world and their health departments claim that the benefits of cannabis are still unproven. Some of them have yet legalized the use of cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. Luckily, cannabis users in the United States do not have to worry, since the majority of the US states (26 states and the District of Columbia), have legalized the use of medical cannabis in a controlled way by approving the use of cannabidiol in 2018. Canada has fully legalized cannabis use, which have resulted in the establishment of various online cannabis dispensaries.

Medical Cannabis – Some Illnesses That It Can Treat

According to university researches, there are various illnesses that medical cannabis can treat with prescribed usage, and these are listed below:

Chronic Pain 

Pain is a common illness that medical marijuana/cannabis can treat. If left untreated, pain can cause disability to 25 million adults in the United States alone. Cannabis has been found to be very effective in treating this illness, according to university researches. 

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 

It might sound unusual, but the proper use of cannabis can help patients with their alcohol or opioid addiction. However, the treatment for this illness is risky at best, since it can backfire to the patient and instead, can make the addiction worse. Therefore, it must be monitored.

Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Social Anxiety 

These illnesses are mental or psychological disorders that cannabis can help treat. Cannabis can relieve the accompanying symptoms of these illnesses. However, treatment of mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and psychosis should be monitored by a mental health professional.


Treatment with cannabis does not fully kill all existing cancer cells, but instead, slows down cancer cell growth (by some cannabinoids). The side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting can be alleviated by the use of cannabis.

Multiple Sclerosis 

MS is a chronic disease in which the body’s own antibodies target the organs in the central nervous system such as the the brain, the optic nerves, and the spinal cord. To treat this disease, the short-term use of cannabinoids is used, which can alleviate its symptoms. The effects of cannabinoids are positively modest at its best.


Treatment of this neurological disease usually focuses on its two known types, the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. These two types of epilepsy are notorious in the medical field due to the difficulty in controlling their seizures by different medications. The use of cannabinoid-mixed medications are effective in treating these two types of epilepsy.

Medical Cannabis – The Risks It Poses

Even though there are many illnesses that can be treated by cannabis, the use of cannabis also brings certain risks when used for a long time. Below are some of the risks that cannabis can bring about when used incorrectly:

Mental Health Problems 

Even though the above-mentioned mental disorders can be treated by cannabis, there are other mental problems that may experience worsening after exposure to it. These problems may include psychosis and schizophrenia. This will also apply to the accompanying symptoms that come along with psychosis, such as suicidal thoughts and depression. 

Testicular Cancer 

The continuous use of cannabis can lead to the development of a subtype of testicular cancer — a slow-growing seminoma. This is a germ-cell tumor of the testicle. However, there is no solid proof yet of this being the result of cannabis overuse. Nevertheless, it is highly advised for male cannabis consumers to take note of this problem.

Respiratory Diseases 

These are usually blamed on regular marijuana smoking, even though there is no solid proof to it yet. However, there is evidence that oversmoking marijuana, just like smoking tobacco, can bring about an increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. It can also worsen lung functioning. There are also some university reports that this can also lead to lung cancer, but then again, there is no solid proof as of the moment. Therefore, moderate smoking of cannabis can help avoid these possible illnesses.

Conclusion – Good or Bad?

As seen in the sections above, there are various benefits and risks when it comes to the use of cannabis. However, not all of the information posted here is complete.  Additional years of study and research can further prove these benefits and risks, which can help current cannabis users review their use of marijuana/cannabis as a medical treatment.

Medical institutions and the federal government will still need to look into cannabis medical treatment. Luckily, there are countries that are now supporting the use of medical cannabis, such as some states in the US and Canada. 

Eventually, it will be the consumers who will have the last say on whether to use cannabis as a treatment or not. Also, their health and safety will also be a huge factor when it comes to their use of cannabis as treatment. 


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Herb: Explore the Superb Collection of Cannabis Products



 Herb is one of the top-notch cannabis brands in the USA and is transforming the way cannabis products are seen. The debate surrounding cannabis is endless, yet herb has become one of the major benefactors of CBD products in the USA. With its natural, efficient, and environment friendly collection of cannabis products, it can be named “the paradises of cannabis”. 

From original cannabis flowers to CBD capsules, the firm provides all sorts of cannabis products. Even the recipes available on their site are scrumptious enough to make your meals special and rejuvenating. 

So, how did this paradise of CBD came to existence? Let’s dive into its past:

Founded in 2014 by Matt Gray, Herb is all about eradicating the speculation surrounding cannabis. Back then it was impossible to find any cannabis recipe other than weed brownie. Being a cannabis fan, Matt began his search for new recipes. 

The work started in his garage. In the beginning, it was just a place for finding great recipes, but people wanted more. Consumers often complained about not getting the right ingredients to complete the recipes. To meet the demand Matt established “Herb” and within a few years, it was the favorite destination of cannabis lovers. 

Matt believed that cannabis was sinking under the cultural and historical disbelief, and it was time people start benefiting from it. He believes that cannabis can change a million lives with its therapeutic nature.  

Herb has helped put the scare behind cannabis to the ground and simplified the process of finding the right product. With more than 14 million consumers, the company is putting the myths associated with Cannabis to bed. The very proof of the fact is – the 265 million viewers available for their videos. Right now, the company is aiming to provide cannabis anywhere in the world within 15 minutes. 

Looking for Cannabis induced supplements and pills to put an end to your daily woes? One of the best places to get 100% natural and tested cannabis product is The website opens with a beautiful quote “Herb is Cannabis for You, near you.” Roll down to see a variety of cannabis products including CBD oil, THC Oil Sativa drops CBD capsules, pre-rolls, vape pens, and even fresh cannabis flowers. 

Rest assured the company provides only naturally grown and environment-friendly cannabis products. Obtain it in any form and you won’t have to worry about its efficiency and originality. 

Such vast array of CBD products have helped meet consumers’ demand. One can also get regular updates about cannabis and the laws related to it right at the websites. The information mentioned there has been helping people understand the existing laws and their particular rights. 

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The Best Hemp-Based Skincare Products



There are many things that every woman needs to take into consideration when it comes to skincare. First of all, you have to take note of the safe products that you can use for your face and body. Keep in mind that the beauty industry is significant, which means that there are tons of cosmetics and skincare items available in the market. Hence, it can be confusing to choose the right things for you.

It is also noteworthy to note that there have been recent developments or advancements in the beauty industry. Nowadays, consumers can already purchase the best hemp-based skincare products. At this point, you are probably wondering what these items are and what makes them different from other products. Do not worry as we are going to provide you with a complete set of guidelines about this new line of items. Our goal is to increase awareness about the well-known benefits and advantages of the said products.


From the name itself, it can already be derived that these products have an essential component called “hemp.” This ingredient is famously known as industrial hemp. Hemp is a plant that falls under the category of Cannabis sativa plant species. Over the years, researchers started to discover the benefits that the plant produces. Because of this, several manufacturers have decided to use its extract for their products. This is the reason why you can see thousands of hemp-based items in the skincare industry. In its simple terms, hemp-based products are those that were created and processed using hemp.

Benefits and Advantages

It is not a surprise that many people are interested in hemp-based products. With the number of benefits and advantages available in these items, you can expect consumers to buy them right away. If you are not yet sure if these products are ideal for your skin, then be sure to read the enumeration below. You will find a list of the reasons why you have to patronize the best hemp-based skincare products.

1. Moisturizes The Skin

One of the known effects of using skincare items made from hemp is getting rid of dry skin. With the continued use of these products, you will have soft and moisturized skin. They are high in Omega 3, 6, and 9, which are responsible for giving you a glowing and well-hydrated skin. This means that the items are perfect for those who are always exposed to the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. They are also great for women who do not get sufficient sleep every night.

2. Keeps You Look Younger

One of the challenges of being a woman is that you tend to age fast, especially if you are too busy with your personal or professional life. There is a tendency that you can no longer take care of yourself. Do not fret because there is a solution to that, which is to use hemp-based skincare products. They are proven to prevent aging or give you younger-looking skin. 

3. Reduces Pimples or Acne Breakout

The omega acids found in the best hemp-based skincare products are also known to lower the possibility of suffering from an acne breakout. These acids are responsible for decreasing the swelling on one’s face. Keep in mind that the more moisturized or hydrated your skin is, the better chance you have of avoiding pimples. 

4. Helps Deal With Skin Rashes

No matter how careful you are in caring for your skin, there is always that risk that you will suffer from skin rashes. Having this kind of skin problem can be challenging and painful on your part. Fortunately, hemp-based products can help you in dealing with the said skin rashes. This is made possible due to the anti-inflammatory components or properties found in the items.


As already emphasized above, one of the things that every woman needs to prioritize is to find the right skincare products. Take note that your choice of cosmetics, beauty products, and other related items can affect you in so many ways. If you choose the wrong product, there is a high chance that you will suffer its negative consequences. You will only end up spending money on something that is not worth it. As such, it is best to check the best hemp-based skincare products before making a purchase.

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Students Programs and Hemp



The Internet is flooded with information about cannabis. This plant earns enough fame in different parts of the world. Other than cannabis enthusiastic and recreational users, there are lots of people interested in learning about hemp.

Numerous programs are available in the market to deeply understand the profits, politics, and policies of the cannabis plant. From culinary to chemistry, various programs, resources, and schools offer research, experience, and education to eager scholars.

Michigan Northern University

Michigan Northern University (Marquette, MI) offers an educational degree in Plant Chemistry. People are interested in the chemistry of the medicinal plant, such as the emerging hemp market and herbal extract marketplace.

This degree is suitable to balance coursework in biology and chemistry with lab experience. Several other courses focus on the possibility of laboratory and entrepreneurship accreditation for the preparation of Wildcat NMU graduates.

Cornell Hemp Science Specialization

The MPS (Master of Professional Studies) in Life Sciences and Agriculture with a hemp science specialization is a master’s degree. This program can develop expertise; expand versatility and critical competencies across a vast spectrum of regulatory, economic, and scientific topics.

Expert faculty advisors help students in their coursework to refine their skills about hemp. Keep it in mind that industrial hemp is famous for its use in the fiber, medicinal products, and foods. The evolving industry of hemp may offer plenty of employment opportunities.

There will be plenty of employment opportunities from genetics and plant breeding to farming, horticulture, and pharmacology. Some other prospects are product development, supply chain management, processing, and entrepreneurship.

Educated professionals focus on scientific principles, evolving hemp supervisory environment, and market trends that may enter the workplace. In the industrial hemp sector, commercial growth, quality and production control specialist, agricultural consultant, and inventory controller are some top professions.

Moreover, specialists in product development, supply chain, and operations manager are some significant job opportunities. Students can learn about biochemistry, transformation, tissue culture, and agroecology. 

Furthermore, the microbiome, diseases, and pests, and cultivation of hemp are some exciting areas to study.

TMCI (The Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Institute)

The TMCI develops Science Inside proprietary courses focusing on learning and quality content based on the clinical data and science behind medical hemp. The mission of the organization is to focus on medical marijuana.

For the assistance of students, they have designed an eLearning website to offer fair learning opportunism to students. They want to educate the global community of caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals.

If you want to learn about the medical hemp and clinical application of this plant, you will learn everything about it.

Stockton University

Stockton University understands the potential of the booming cannabis industry. They off a hemp minor to students. Remember, medical hemp is authorized in New Jersey. This school is interested in offering more courses for students.

Maryland University

The pharmacy school of Maryland University offers different cannabis-focused programs. Students can specialize in clinical use, science, and policy about medical cannabis. No doubt, there is a rapid growth in the industry of therapeutic hemp.

They offer an MS program in Medical Hemp Science to foster the growth of educated workers. They are preparing people to help patients and other healthcare providers. Moreover, these people will be able to research on therapeutic uses of medicinal hemp.

Clark University

Clark University also launched a graduate program for hemp control. This program is useful for students to understand issues related to public policy about distribution, regulation, sales, and cultivation. They can study about medicinal use and adult-use of the plant.

California-Davis University

After the legalization of marijuana, California-Davis University started to teach students about the benefits, risks, and health effects of hemp. In upper-level courses, students should fulfill some neurobiology or physiology prerequisite.

Hemp and Business Administration

With the growth in the business of hemp, there are equal opportunities, threats, logistics, and challenges. Nowadays, it is profitable to run a hemp distribution business. At the same time, the business owner has to deal with federal, state, and local regulations, competitors, zoning requirements, insurance issues, and taxes.

A person can deal with all these problems after completing a degree in business administration. This degree can balance all dimensions by offering instruction in entrepreneurship, organizational management, business law, financial accounting, and several other areas.

Moreover, agriculture is an obvious path in this field. Several study programs are available to help in the successful cultivation of hemp.

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