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Blk Ayo Writer

Matthan was born in East Point, Georgia to Nigerian immigrants. After spending several impactful years in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as Ghana. His was childhood was spent learning and living side by side with the most poorest and most vulnerable people in the world which shaped his love for humanity. Matthan returned to America at a young age with a profound look on the opportunities that exist in the United States of America but nowhere else. He graduated from Riverdale High School in Riverdale,Georgia in May of 2011. In May 2017, he graduated from The Alabama state university with a BS(Bachelor) in Social Work. Matthan mission since leaving higher education has been to find the solutions to many different issues affecting Africans all over the continent and world , from, transportation, cannabis, industrial hemp ,educational resources , non-supplemental therapy , among others global leading industries African American have been left out of. Over the past decade, Matthan has studied closely and researched the most vulnerable population in South and West Africa. Watching laws in other countries out west in America and in Europe leaves Africa with no voice in the vast movement, with the economic potential and impact from the global movement.

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